Since the present Principal took up his post, we have been in the process of gathering together and sorting a historical archive for the school. We feel strongly that as Etonbury enters a new chapter, our history is something to be preserved and celebrated for future generations.

Included here are just a few of the large collection we are now assembling. If you recognise anyone, or have information or photographs you would like included (we scan them and return originals), please do get in touch.

We are working with the local history society and we will be adding to the on-line archive in due course.


First phase of Etonbury - 1956

Teachers wrote school hymn

Youth of today - R. N. Alexander - 1955

Prefects with R. N. Alexander - 1955

Students with Mr. Cooper - 1955

Cricket news

Football news

1955 a big year for Etonbury

Article on the name Etonbury


Boys playing cricket and show and tell food tech

First speech day at Etonbury School

Gardening club and school captains

Girls team

Kitchen and canteen


School gym under construction 1956-57

Tennis serve in motion






Pictured below: Jennifer Beckett - 1957


Pictured below: Class 2A. 1955





Back row: Barry Gentle, Robert MacDonald? Barry Teece, ? G Oliver, ?, Peter Kavanagh, John Gill, ?.

Second row: Pat Sparks, Wendy Blows (or is that the girl on your right?), Freda Hilditch?, Pat Seymour, Mary Dear, ?, ?, Karen, ?,

Third row: Winston Pogmore, ?, David Hanson, Pauline Sturgeon, Teacher?, Ursula Sawkins, Graham Lowrey, Colin Pressland, Michael Dear.

Front row:  John Street (ETA’s Chairman now), Terry Robinson?, Sheila Snell, Bernard Howard, Malcolm Mayes?


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